Miami indoor salmon farming company increases 50 percent in value since May

editorial staff

Atlantic Sapphire moved on a great deal since the company was listed on Oslo Stock Exchange back in mid-May this year.

Shares for the company have risen a lot faster than the seafood sector on the Oslo Stock Exchange, up only 17% percent in the same period.

“I can not answer on behalf of investors, but I want to say that smart investors understand that Atlantic Sapphire has a very good business case that ticks most boxes,” said entrepreneur and chief executive Johan E. Andreassen to Finansavisen.

At the end of November, Atlantic Sapphire was able to put its first 400 thousand salmon eggs into the newly built plant outside Miami.

Andreassen, together with founder Bjørn-Vegard Løvik, is the largest owner of the company. Skagen Funds are the second largest shareholder with over nine percent of the shares

Among those on the shareholder list are the shipping heirs Sundt and the two grocery rivals Johannson and Hagen.


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