Mild winter lifts up salmon feed sales

Andreas Witzøe

All three of the major producers in Norway reported good feed sales this winter.

The winter has so far been mild along the coast, and the long-term warning does not indicate other suprises ahead. Historically, more feed is sold when it is mild in the sea. And the statistics frome Akvafakta (which report about stats from the country’s aquaculture industry) show that this has also been the case.

“It is true that conditions were good for November and December. November 2018 was better than November 2017. December 2018 compared to 2017 was slightly up, but not so much. All in all we see that there are good conditions and the appetite is good. said communications manager at Skretting, Leif Kjetil Skjæveland, to SalmonBusiness.

BioMar is excited
Sales and marketing director of BioMar Norway, Hans Halle-Knutzen, reported that feed sales so far this winter have been good, but not very far away from what was expected.

“It will be exciting to see if the last mild weather period that we are now in will affect sales in the future,” said Halle-Knutzen.

He said they were ready to accept larger orders if they arrive.

“Our production is set up to handle fluctuations, so even though it can vary a little week to week we have, and we are ready to produce what farmers put in order,” said Halle-Knutzen.

Hard to compare year by year
Cargill also had good sales.

“It is difficult for us to compare feed sales year by year as contracts and units change. In general, I can say that for our part, sales are going well,” added Cargill Sales Director, Endre Sæter.

Like his competitors, he said that customers reported good production conditions and fish that had good appetites.