Million dollar deal sees Blue Star agree to supply fingerlings to local competitor in BC

editorial staff

‘The reality here is that there is more demand for our steelhead salmon than any single participant can supply.’

On Monday, Blue Star Foods  announced that its RAS subsidiary, Taste of BC Aquafarms, has entered into an 2-year agreement to supply steelhead salmon fingerlings to another company that produces steelhead in British Columbia, for a value of up approximately $1 million.

Steve Atkinson, Founder of TBC, commented, “We appreciate the vote of confidence from this local steelhead producer whom we have known for many years. It is an acknowledgement that we have mastered the early rearing cycle that is so critical in overall growth performance of these fish. We are seeing consistent results that others in our space have not in terms of the end-quality of our steel-head salmon product.”

He continued, “While in some sense, we could view these folks as competitors, the reality here is that there is more than enough demand for our fresh, sustainability produced steelhead salmon than any single participant can supply. We want to continue to build the RAS and aquaculture industry up here in British Columbia and lend a hand to our friends where we can.”

“This agreement is strategic as our company prepares to scale up with our new 1,500 tonne facility. This opportunity allows us to enter into a segment that gives us higher margins and shorter production cycle. At four months production verses 12 for grow out, market sized fish, our risk is greatly reduced. Additionally, the price per pound gained for fingerlings is exponentially greater than that for full sized fish,” explained Atkinson.


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