Ministers strike deal with Faroe Islands over Brexit

No tariffs for Bakkafrost salmon.

While MPs voting on second Brexit referendum for the first time and with article 50 likely to be delayed, there is some solace for Faroe Island salmon imports into Grimsby.

A trade deal with the Faroe Islands has been struck allowing almost all seafood produce bought from the Scandinavian islands to be transported without tariffs. The Faroe Islands is the UK’s 114th largest trading partner, accounting for <0.1% of total UK trade. In a call to SalmonBusiness, Bakkafrost Head of UK Operations Torkil Davidsen - who is based in the seafood hub of Grimsby - confirmed the trade deal: "It was only signed a couple of weeks ago. The Representation of the Faroes oversaw the deal. It was in the interest of both parties," he said. The Representation of the Faroese Government works in close collaboration with the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In December, Davidsen told SalmonBusiness that the company had been safeguarding for Brexit. He said at the time: “We work closely with the Danish Embassy who know what’s going on Brexit. First thing we wondered was if there was going to be any trading issues. If there was, then it wouldn’t make much sense to send it via the UK any more but I think that’s not what the British government really want either. In terms of currency, will it collapse? We don’t know. Though it wouldn’t affect us (as a company). This office does a fair bit of trade outside the UK and we are fairly big in France and Ireland. We don’t have to trade in sterling either.”


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