Minor movements for salmon prices, which are still trading around record levels

Spot prices stay the same.

“There are no major changes. There will be prices that are in the 120s (NOK – EUR 12). We have not done any trading yet. It does not look like there is an increase in supply, so I do not see big changes,” says an exporter to SalmonBusiness.[factbox]

“The customers are desperate, as they have been all along, but they have to pay if they want fish. There is no abundance of fish. It is around 118-122 kroner (EUR 12.1-12.5), 120 kroner on average, at 3-6 kg,” says another exporter.

However, much trading has not been done so far today.

“It takes some time. It’s not easy to get something locked at these levels. Some customers want fish, while others care a little. It’s actually harder now than ever on sale.”

“But there will be high prices going forward. That is to be expected. There will not be much fish in May. We just have to live with that,” he adds.

A fish farmer confirms a price level in the “120s”.

“Yes, and more on larger fish, especially to China,” he says.

That means fairly stable prices compared to last Friday.

“It has not settled completely. Not much has been sold,” he adds.

Low harvesting
Several players report slow customers.

“There has been some activity, but sluggish sales. At the same time, there is still low harvesting among the small and medium-sized farmers,” says a trader.

He says prices are going sideways.

“116-120 kroner (EUR 11.9-12.1) at 3-4 and 4-5 at 119-122 kroner (EUR 12-12.3). That’s what I hear from the industry early in the week,” he says and adds that there is still a premium for big salmon.

Another trader sees even lower prices.

“There is a lot of talk, but there is pressure now. Varies from 110 to 118 kroner (EUR 11.3-12). I think it’s slamming next week. This is the madness,” says another exporter.

Can you buy at those prices?

“I bought some at those prices yesterday, and say no if not,” he says firmly.


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