Modest salmon price movements – the third week in a row

High slaughter activity in a market where the salmon price goes sideways.

“It was down yesterday, and then there is talk of a little up today. To the extent that there is movement, it is a plus. Maybe that says it all. At least not down,” says an exporter to SalmonBusiness.

“NOK 63-64-65 (EUR 6.1-6.3),” he says about the prices for the most traded weight classes.[factbox]

He foresees a tight market in the coming weeks.

“In any case, there will not be any large increase in harvesting going forward. I think most farmers slaughter quite a bit because of lice and so on. I am curious whether some fish will be taken away from processing,” he adds.

“There are a lot of fish. 2-5 kg are pressured on price, because there are a lot of small fish. 5+ holds up well in terms of price,” says another exporter.

He sees the following farmgate prices:

  • NOK 52 (EUR 5.1) for 2-3 kg
  • NOK 60-61 (EUR 5.9-6.0) for 3-4 kg
  • NOK 62-63 (6.1-6.2) for 4-5 kg
  • NOK 65 (EUR 6.4) for 5-6 kg
  • NOK 72 (EUR 7) 6+ kg

“There is not much movement. Maybe a little down on 2-3 and 3-4, maybe a krone,” he says.

“Our biggest problem now is credit insurance. We have to reduce the volume because we don’t have insurance. There are economic downturns, we must not forget that.”

“There is also a lot of goods in stock. End customers look at the prices outside in the shops. That’s what our customers say – they struggle to get their money back.”

Several other exporters and fish farmers confirm stable prices towards next week. But one fish farmer, however, reports an uptick:

“There is nothing that says it will go down. We don’t have much to sell next week. We have sold, and then we stay away from [low price market] Poland, at NOK 65, 68 and 71 (EUR 6.3, 6.6 and 6.9). So I would say there is an upswing. Poland is probably NOK 3-4 below that.”


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