Moen Marin CEO steps down after 17 years at the helm

Editorial staff

Moen Marin has delivered more than 300 vessels to the aquaculture sector in the past 12 years.

Norwegian workboat supplier Moen Marin’s long-standing general manager, Terje Andreassen, has announced his departure after 17 years at the helm, according to a press release from the company.

Under Andreassen’s leadership, Moen Marin, a subsidiary of the ScaleAQ Group, has delivered over 300 vessels to the aquaculture sector in the past 12 years. Notably, 100 of these were specialized vessels featuring battery-electric propulsion.

Geir Myklebust, Managing Director of ScaleAQ Group, praised Andreassen’s contributions, saying, “Terje has been instrumental in Moen Marin’s ascent to a global leadership position in quality vessel supply for the aquaculture industry. His strategic insights and knack for team-building have been pivotal to our success. While his daily leadership will be missed, we’re pleased he’ll remain affiliated with us as an advisor and partner.”

Andreassen will retain his managerial role until a successor is appointed and will subsequently serve as an advisor and partner to both Moen Marin and the larger ScaleAQ Group.

With Andreassen’s departure, the search is underway for a new CEO with a vision to further advance Moen Marin’s industry-leading status.


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