Moen Marin enters into €18 million contract to deliver electric boats to the aquaculture industry

editorial staff

Moen Marin has signed an agreement with Moen Ship Management for the delivery of ten electric hybrid boats for delivery in 2020/2021.

“The agreement follows as a consequence of a successful multi-year commitment to electric and hybrid boats for the aquaculture industry. We have already produced a number of vessels with hybrid propulsion, and we see that our concept more than meets our expectations of reduced fuel consumption, reduced maintenance costs and environmental savings,” ship builder Moen Marin wrote in a press release on Tuesday morning.

“In order for us to achieve our common ambitions for the green shift in the aquaculture industry, we rely on the industry to adopt more environmentally friendly propulsion solutions for its vessels. This contract will help Moen Marin strengthen its expertise and position as the leading supplier of electric and hybrid boats. This is important to ensure standardisation and increased volume of future-oriented and environmentally friendly solutions – this will benefit the whole industry,” said Moen Marin’s managing director Terje Andreassen.

Moen Ship Management will offer the market rental of the new electric boats. The company is noticing a growing interest in leasing electric and hybrid boats.

“Electrification of work and service boats for the aquaculture industry is still in the early stages, but we believe this is just the beginning,” said Moen Ship Management CEO Lars Mælen.

“The new hybrid boats all have electric propulsion solutions developed by the Norwegian technology company ZEM AS. ZEM is a pioneer in the field and has previously delivered both battery systems and propulsion solutions to a number of projects in the maritime sector including offshore vessels, offshore installations, ferries and tourist vessels – and last but not least service vessel for the aquaculture industry. ZEM has worked closely with DNV-GL for several years to ensure efficient and safe implementation of battery solutions in the maritime sector,” the company wrote.


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