Mowi boss earned €1.7 million last year

editorial staff

Ivan Vindheim is the only one from the seafood sector on the list of the Norwegian stock exchange’s 25 best-paid chief executives.

He has been CEO since November 2019, and before that he was CFO of the same company for seven years. Compared to many of his colleagues, Vindheim’s total salary has been very stable, last year it was actually reduced by a couple of hundred thousand NOK to NOK 16.4 million (€1.7 million), Kapital writes. 

In 2021, Vindheim was the tenth highest paid CEO on the stock exchange. However, the seafood companies are not salary leaders on the Norway stock exchange, at least not for the top managers.

At the very other end of the scale, managing director Harry Bøe at NTS had an annual salary of NOK 1.6 million (€163,000). If we add the board fees, the total remuneration ends up at 1.8 million (€183,000).

Frøy’s CEO Helge Gåsø received a total salary of NOK 1.9 million (€193,000), while SalMar CEO Gustav Witzøe settled for exactly NOK 2 million (€203,000) in 2021. Both Gåsø and Witzøe are billionaires, and earn significantly more from dividends than from salary payments.


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