Mowi celebrates first delivery into Kyleakin feed plant

Oil vessel arrives into Mowi Scotland’s GBP 125 million fish feed plant on the Isle of Skye.

The salmon farmer posted on Facebook on Thursday, that on Tuesday 26th of March, “MT Kaprifol” arrived as the first oil vessel to berth and discharge at Kyleakin.

“MT Kaprifol” PHOTO: Mowi Scotland Facebook

“Not only was this the first oil intake; it was the first raw material intake to our site and therefore a significant step and achievement for our team,” the salmon farmer wrote.

Mowi Scotland wrote that over the course of the 26th and 27th, the Kyleakin team worked closely with the vessel crew to discharge a total of 1950MT, split between Rape Seed & Lecithin Oils. The teams assessed and monitored all systems and sections of the material flow during intake progressing to full rate discharge from the vessel, completing a successful intake.

Kyleakin feed plant, Scotland PHOTO: Angus Blackburn – Mowi

The following day, Wednesday 27th of March, Mowi wrote that they continued the week with the intake of four truck loads of wheat to test their truck intake system and to use this product to move between silos. “During this day we simultaneously ran intake of both the wheat and oils requiring the site team to work very closely and coordinated to assess and monitor each stage of both processes,” the company wrote.

The new plant in Kyleakin, Scotland, is expected to start operations later this month, that’ll produce an estimated capacity of 170 000 tonnes per year. It will be capable of producing organic feed for Mowi’s Irish farms, as well as non-organic feed for Scotland, Norway and the Faroe Islands.


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