Mowi CEO eyes up return to SalmonChile

Salmon farmer left the industry body in 2016. In an interview today, Alf-Helge Aarskog suggested that it could return.

When the company formally known as Marine Harvest left industry body SalmonChile over a disagreement on how the Chilean salmon farming industry should be regulated, it looked like they were not planning a return.

Mowi – as it is known today – also said that they were disappointed about the way the algal bloom crisis was handled at the time.

“Marine Harvest and SalmonChile disagree on how this important sector of the Chilean industry must move forward and improve in the future. Therefore, it is better for both sides to finish our membership,” said former Managing Director for Marine Harvest Chile Per-Roar Gjerde, (today COO Farming Mowi) in a statement at the time in

“Our view is that we need regulations that will help the sustainability of the industry,” added Gjerde.

Three years later, the CEO is in Chile. This time joining Norway’s King Harald and Queen Sonja as well as Norway’s Fisheries Minister Harald Tom Nesvik, on a state visit.

Though in an interview with La Tercera, Mowi CEO Alf-Helge Aarskog said that they would be open to a return, if the conditions were right. Asked if he planned a return to SalmonChile, Aarskog said:

“I think that as long as SalmonChile and we are more aligned and resolve some pending problems, we will be back in the organization.”


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