Mowi CEO to meet with Newfoundland government this week over Northern Harvest mass mortality

Alf-Helge Aarskog to meet with Atlantic Canada’s Fisheries Minister Gerry Byrne who wants answers why salmon farmer didn’t disclose information earlier.

During a televised debate at Newfoundland’s House of Assembly sitting on NTV, the Mowi-owned Northern Harvest’s September mass mortality and its aftermath took centre stage.

Cape St. Francis and Progressive Conservative politician Kevin Parsons called upon Bryne to be replaced, saying that he “has bungled this like you wouldn’t believe.” In response, PM Ball said: “If I didn’t have confidence in this minister, he wouldn’t be here”.

In early September, 2.6 million fish died in Northern Harvest Sea Farms sea cages, which the company attributed to warmer-than-usual water temperatures. This news got into the public domain when the Food, Fisheries & Allied Workers union told the local press.

Photo-composite: Screenshot CBC and NL fisheries minister Gerry Byrne (Wikipedia)

The final number of deaths was revealed Oct. 11 by Northern Harvest Managing Director Jamie Gaskill.

Byrne said that meeting would likely take place Thursday afternoon, and would include talk about the company’s future in the province and its following of legislation or lack thereof.

“I asked the CEO to come here, under difficult circumstances when it was revealed that his company that he’s responsible for, failed to disclose the provincial government of Newfoundland and Labrador certain events and information that they had, which they were required to provide to us as a condition of licence,” said Byrne.

He did not clarify in under what terms the licences would be returned, as there is still an investigation ongoing, reported NTV.


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