Mowi Chief Communications Officer: “The company has changed quite a bit”

Kristine Gramstad Wedler is keeping tight-lipped about what’s next.

“It’s just a little secret. It will be published later. Today I just want to thank those I have worked with for the past six years, my colleagues,” said Gramstad Wedler to SalmonBusiness.

In a statement released on Friday, the Mowi Chief Communications Officer Cristine Gramstad Wedler announced that she has decided to pursue new opportunities elsewhereafter six years with the salmon farmer.

“There is no doubt that it is scary to quit the job, but sometimes the call is so great that you just have to listen to it,” she added.

Her last working day in Mowi is on Monday April 1st.

“Six years is going incredibly fast, but at the same time, the industry has changed quite dramatically over the past six years. When I started, not even the GSI, the unified joint initiative to improve the industry, was established, One did not have a traffic light system. One has taken great leaps in those years. We saw increased interest in the industry, and the company I have worked in has changed quite a bit. I started before Morpol entered the company. It has gone fast, but it has still happened very much,” she said

She also used the opportunity to speak well of her colleagues. “Both in the industry and especially in Mowi, there are a lot of good people,” she said.

State Secretary
Gramstad Wedler came from politics as state secretary at the Fisheries Department when she joined Marine Harvest, the company that later changed its name to Mowi. She is still engaged in politics and the Labor Party, locally in her hometown of Stavanger.

“I am elected in the current period, but have stepped down,” she said.

Do you want to continue in politics?

“What I’m going to do is still a little secret,” she chuckled, adding: “I’m really looking forward to announcing it.”


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