Mowi Chile signs up to LATAM Cargo’s ‘Fly Neutral’ programme

The Chilean branch of Norwegian-owned seafood company Mowi has joined a scheme that will allow it to offset the CO2 emissions of cargo flights, reducing its environmental impact.

The agreement between the two companies will allow Mowi Chile to compensate approximately 13% of its total CO2 emissions, equivalent to cutting the same yearly emissions of roughly 4,500 cars.

“We studied the programme and decided to join in, since reducing our carbon footprint is one of the main objectives in our corporate sustainability strategy,” Mowi Chile’s licenses and environment manager Alvaro Perez said.

“We have made significant progress in reducing our emissions in the different stages of our operation, and we are particularly happy to introduce it into our sales and distribution channels through the Fly Neutral programme,” he added.

LATAM Cargo’s ‘Fly Neutral’ programme, part of the air freight group’s mission to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, will see it support conservative schemes aimed at prevent deforestation in South American ecosystems.

Each CO2 ton emitted on route will be offset with a carbon credit, equivalent to one ton of CO2 captures by a conservation project. The programme currently covers routes in Brazil, Chile, Colombia Ecuador and Peru, with a view to adding more routes as the project grows.


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