Mowi collaborates with Amazon for debut of new fresh line in the US

Editorial staff

The new Mowi Pure Salmon premium line will be launched in’s fresh food delivery division, Amazon Fresh on the 14th of March. 

The launch is timed with the upcoming Seafood Expo North America in Boston. The hope for the new brand is to attract high-end costumers.

“We believe the salmon industry has had the need of a Global Brand to educate and to bring confidence to the consumers. And a company like Mowi, not only has the infrastructure but the 50 Years of Experience to bring MOWI Pure Globally”, said Joe Fidalgo, Managing Director of Consumer Products Division of the Americas at Mowi in press release.

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The company is to launch this product range of never been frozen and will expand later this year into US retail, afterwards followed by a smoked product line.

Through YouTube, Mowi will collaborate with 19 partners in 2020 who will through video content offer tips, experiences and cooking ideas for the unique line.

“US Consumers are often scared of cooking fish when compared to how confident they are with other proteins. As a company with such credentials, bringing the best salmon in the world to consumer’s tables is not enough. We will use the power of marketing to educate consumers on how to cook and enjoy salmon and make it more approachable” says Diana Dumet, Director of Marketing for Consumer Products at Mowi Americas.

Mowi Pure wish to make edu-tainment to US costumers by selected chefs. The new YouTube channel is to debut April 2020.



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