Ready for construction of Mowi’s new Norway processing plant

On Tuesday, Mowi has announced it plans to build the company’s new processing plant in Hitra, Norway.

“This will be a state-of-the-art factory built for the future in a farming region that is very important to Mowi. Thorough work has been done by our employees in the project, and we are very happy that we can now put the shovel in the ground,” Olaf Skjærvik, Mowi’s regional director, said in a statement.

Work on the new processing plant is set to start as early as April and is scheduled to be completed during the first half of 2024. The factory will have a production capacity of 100,000 tonnes of salmon and will replace the factory Mowi currently has at Ulvan, Norway.

“We have had a close and good collaboration with the municipality throughout the process, and appreciate how they facilitate establishments like this,” Skjærvik said.


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