Mowi feed barge sinks off coast of Scotland

editorial staff

Mowi’s “SeaCap” feed barge now 20m underwater containing 170 tonnes of fish feed.

In a press release sent today, the salmon farmer said that during the early morning hours of January 17, an aquaculture feed barge sank near Lochboisdale, Uist, after taking on water during a storm reporting two metre swells. No staff were aboard during the event and no other significant damage to the site is reported.

The actual feedbarge (pictured) is now underwater PHOTO: Mowi

Authorities have been notified of the incident.

The cylindrical feed barge, known as a SeaCap, contains 170 tonnes of fish feed within the unit, and approximately 1000 litres of diesel fuel in a sealed tank. There are no reports of debris or fuel visible at sea or on the nearby shore line.

As the weather breaks, scuba divers will be safely deployed to inspect the unit and plan a recovery of the barge and contents, which sits 20 metres underwater.

The cause of the water breach is not known at this time.


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