Mowi to harvest 1.2 million fish after ISA suspicion

Salmon, weighing 4.3 kilos on average, will be harvested on suspicion of disease.

On Friday, it was reported that the disease infectious salmon anemia ISA was suspected at Mowi’s farming site Kjeahola, Western Norway.

The suspicion is based on positive analysis results (PCR) from PatoGen Analysis. Sequencing shows that it is a disease-causing variant of ISA virus (HPR deleted ISA virus). Histopathological findings made by Pharmaq Analytiq support the suspicion.

There are 1.2 million fish in the pens, with an average weight of 4.3 kilos, Mowi told TDN Direkt.

The fish, which have an acceptable market weight, will now be harvested.

“We are in dialogue with the Norwegian Food Safety Authority about the situation and plan to start harvest from parts of the plant this coming Monday,” Mowi spokesman Eivind Nævdal-Bolstad told TDN this weekend.


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