Mowi has developed a new meatball for IKEA

editorial staff

Meatball made with Mowi salmon and cod to be rolled out across Swedish furnishing giant’s stores.

Last year, Mowi’s new product development team in collaboration with IKEA and one of their main meatball suppliers, Dafgård, developed a meatball based on salmon and cod, the company wrote in their annual report.

The salmon and cod ball has now been introduced to IKEA customers in many markets and will soon also be offered in a packed version in the Swedish Food Market in IKEA stores for customers to bring home.

Michal Sturtz, new products development director at Mowi, said: “We are proud to have worked together with IKEA for their development of the salmon and cod balls which is now rolled out globally. Together with Dafgård and IKEA, we’ve created a product that we believe meets consumer needs and expectations, combining savoury flavour and sustainability.”

The product’s main ingredients are salmon and cod off-cuts. Mowi supplies the fish for the salmon and cod balls in frozen block form, to ensure the preservation of freshness.

Mowi’s account director Marcus Axelsson said that he expected great potential for more supplier/customer partnerships, noting that “during the development process of the salmon and cod ball we have become much closer in our partnership and it opens up for future collaboration to find new ways of selling sustainable seafood to customers all around the globe.”


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