Mowi Health Manager: “It can be a painful September and October for the salmon industry in Scotland”

Amoebic gill disease (AGD), has previously caused significant mortalities to the salmon industry in Scotland. Now Mowi Scotland is preparing for a tough autumn ahead.

This was confirmed by Sabina Maclean, Health Manager at Mowi Scotland when she entered the podium during day 2 of the Pathos Forum in Ålesund, Norway. The seminar is organized by the fish health and analysis company PatoGen.

“We do not have problems with AGD now, but we are waiting for it,” she said, before adding:

“I am afraid that the hot winter can cause problems when it comes to ADG. It may be a painful September and October for the salmon industry in Scotland,” Maclean said.

In 2018, gill infections in salmon were the second cause of mortality (biomass and number wise) in Scotland. AGD accounted for four per cent of mortality caused by gill infection.

But it wasn’t just AGD Maclean talked about. Maclean was invited by PatoGen to general salmon health in Scotland, like sea lice and Pancreas disease (PD), and it was a clearly moved Maclean who spoke about mortality rates in the salmon industry.

“Excuse me,” she said, before continuing.

Maclean also spoke about the algae problems in Norway and said it was tough to see the pictures with dead salmon.

“I think Norway will learn more about this outbreak, but it’s tough,” she said.

According to Maclean, Mowi works with the Plymouth Marine Laboratory (PML). Every week, PML sends reports, which can, among other things, help predict toxic algal attacks.

“They interpret and give advice,” said Maclean.

“But we are still learning what is harmful and non-harmful level,” she said.


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