Mowi helps test 3D laser imaging technology that can measure fillet yield

editorial staff

300 salmon went through Xelect scanner at Mowi processing plant.

In a post on Twitter, St Andrews-based specialist genetics support company Xelect writes that it has been spent the week testing its new scanner at Mowi’s primary processing plant at Blar Mhor, Fort William, Scotland.

The new scanner will be able to analyse live fish using 3D laser imaging technology and process the data using our powerful AI algorithms to predict fillet yield and traits.

Senior Breed Programme Manager José Mota-Velasco oversaw the tests, during which over 300 Atlantic salmon were processed in one morning.

“Fillet yield has always been difficult to measure with live fish, but we know that small gains in this area can equate to major increases in profit for our customers,” he said.

Operations Director Tom Ashton added that: “The scanner is just one of a number of R&D projects we’re working on to break new ground for the aquaculture industry, and has been part-funded by a Scottish Enterprise SMART award. Thanks to Mowi Scotland for helping us with the trial.”


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