Mowi invests in new robotic packing lines

Mowi’s Consumer Products UK division has installed two robotic packing lines at its Rosyth facility.

The new machinery, sourced from Dutch handling solution supplier Lan Handling Technologies, integrates crate de-stackers, crate packers, and a palletising robot, elevating the secondary packaging capacity to 100 packs per minute per line.

The initiative liberates workers from manual lifting, packing, and palletising tasks, redirecting them to diversified, value-added roles, according to CPUK Operations Director Gary Paterson, who emphasised the technology’s role in augmenting productivity.

“The new machinery will make a real difference to our ability to increase productivity and meet demand and we will continue to look for ways to innovate our production and create efficiencies,” said Paterson.

The robotic lines installation aligns with Mowi CPUK’s ongoing investment in technological innovations, including the recent incorporation of Baader filleting and pin boning solutions.


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