Mowi is aiming to be “self-sufficient in feed requirements in Europe” this year

editorial staff

Mowi Scotland’s GBP 125 million fish feed plant on the Isle of Skye has sold 23,000 tonnes to date.

In a financial bulletin on Tuesday, Mowi posted record-high turnover and volumes thanks to “good salmon prices and relatively stable costs resulted in strong earnings and dividend distributions,” said CEO Ivan Vindheim.

On the accompanying presentation, it wrote that its new Kyleakin feed plant in Scotland is nearing the end of the commissioning phase.

To date, 23,000 tonnes have been sold from the site it wrote, but at full capacity, it’ll produce an estimated capacity of 170,000 tonnes per year.

It will be capable of producing organic feed for Mowi’s Irish farms, as well as non-organic feed for Scotland, Norway and the Faroe Islands, which will go towards “self-sufficiency of feed requirements in Europe in 2020,” Mowi added.


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