Mowi launches site to promote community engagement

Editorial Staff

Move from Mowi seeks to strengthen community ties at a time of increasing hostility to the salmon farming industry.

Scotland’s largest salmon farmer, Mowi, has announced the launch of a new webpage dedicated to its community engagement activities.

The webpage, named “Mowi Communiti,” aims to enhance communication and transparency regarding the company’s community initiatives.

As a major employer in several remote and rural Scottish communities, Mowi’s team members are actively involved in local activities, contributing to coastguard, mountain rescue, and fire services.

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Notably, Mowi has a longstanding involvement in supporting shinty, a traditional Scottish sport integral to many of the communities where the company operates. This support has been a part of Mowi’s community engagement for nearly four decades.

The new webpage,, will offer detailed information on various community-focused efforts undertaken by Mowi. It will cover areas such as community infrastructure development, donations, details about the Salmon Wagon, shinty support, beach clean-ups, sponsorships, and initiatives aimed at supporting future generations.

This move by Mowi reflects the importance to maintaining strong relationships with the communities in which it operates, at a time of increasing hostility to the salmon farming industry.


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