Mowi makes changes at the top, new Farming Americas MD, Faroes, Scotland and Ireland now under one boss

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Fernando Villarroel to lead Farming Americas. Ben Hadfield is in charge of Farming Scotland and Ireland and now Faroes.

In a press release on Monday, Mowi writes that it has appointed Fernando Villarroel (45) as Chief Operating Officer Farming Americas. Villarroel is Managing Director of Mowi Chile and has held a variety of executive positions in the farming industry including being Managing Director of Cermaq Canada for 10 years.

Fernando will continue as MD of Mowi Chile as well.

“I am very pleased that Fernando has accepted this challenge. He is a very experienced farmer with 20 years’ experience from various key positions in the salmon industry. Fernando and his team have delivered stellar biological figures in Mowi Chile after he took the reins in 2017”, said Mowi CEO Ivan Vindheim.

COO Farming Scotland and Ireland and now Faroes: Ben Hadfield

Further to this appointment, Mowi Faroes will be organised under COO Farming Scotland and Ireland.

The changes will be effective from Monday and the Group Management Team consists of:

CEO: Ivan Vindheim
CFO: Kristian Ellingsen
COO Farming Norway: Øyvind Oaland
COO Farming Scotland, Ireland and the Faroes: Ben Hadfield
COO Farming Americas: Fernando Villarroel
COO Sales & Marketing: Ola Brattvoll
COO Feed: Atle Kvist
Chief Technology Officer and Chief Sustainability Officer: Catarina Martins
Chief HR Officer: Anne Lorgen Riise