Mowi: “No decision has been made to build a third feed mill”

Aslak Berge

But the company did not reject possible future construction plans in Canada.

Earlier today, SalmonBusiness was able to report that the farming giant Mowi wants to build a third feed factory in Canada – in addition to the first, at Valsneset in Bjugn, Western Norway, and the second, in Kyleakin, Scotland.

A press release sent by Mowi to SalmonBusiness Thursday morning stated that Mowi “hopes to build a third factory in Canada to support its salmon farming operations there.”

This has now been rejected by Mowi Head of Communications Ola Helge Hjetland.

“The information that Mowi is planning for a third feed factory does not match, and was unfortunately mistakenly included in a press release sent from a PR agency in Scotland,” he told SalmonBusiness.

“No decision has been made to build a feed plant in Canada,” he pointed out.

Do you reject plans to build a third factory in Canada, or has not a decision been made?

“We cannot rule out that we will build a third factory, but no decision has been made on it,” said Hjetland.


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