Mowi open to dropping Brazilian soy from its salmon feed

Aslak Berge

Would rather buy feed ingredients from other producer countries.

The many forest fires in the Amazon this late summer have received massive international attention. The forest fires are linked to deforestation, where rainforests are replaced by soy.

Soy is the world’s most important protein source, and a decisive factor in the world’s meat production, especially pigs, cattle and chicken. A very marginal share of total soybean production in Brazil is also spent on fish feed. Among the soy buyers are Mowi.

“We feel a responsibility to say that this is unacceptable and must stop,” said the company’s sustainability director Catarina Martins to E24.

She emphasized that Mowi only buys soy with the strictest certification requirements.

“The soy we buy is certainly not linked to deforestation and human rights violations,” she said.

Mowi’s feed factory in Bjugn, Western Norway, produced 350,000 tonnes of fish feed in 2018, with soy accounting for 12 per-cent of this. Much of it came from Brazil.

“The situation is untenable. If it does not improve, we consider dropping the purchases from Brazil,” said Martins.


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