Mowi opened its new operations center


Mowi has invested around €360,000 in the company’s first operations center, located at Herøy, Norway.

The center was opened last Wednesday.

“One cannot fight the development. One must work with the development, in order to be able to shape the development. Those who work like this are the ones who want to succeed in the end,” said Mayor Arnt Frode Jensen during the opening, according to Helgelands Blad.

There are a total of eight locations in region Nord that is connected to the operations center, which takes care of feeding of the salmon, as well as monitoring it.

“We have never had such good and nice fish from some of our sites, as last year, as these, we now connect to an operations center. We expect to achieve three percent greater growth with this center,” said Are Moe, area manager in the region North.

Three percent increase in the eight sites that are connected to the center, corresponds to around 500 tonnes a year, according to COO Farming, Per-Roar Gjerde.


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