Mowi-owned Icelandic farmer initiates lice treatment as problems continue

Editorial Staff

Lice levels in Iceland have reached unprecedented heights this autumn.

Mowi-owned salmon producer Arctic Fish has announced the start of a lice treatment process in Arnarfjörður.

The treatment, which began on November 22, is expected to continue until the situation is fully resolved, the company announced in a press release on Wednesday.

Lice levels in Iceland have reached unprecedented heights this autumn, according to Iceland’s veterinary group MAST.

The company has marked the pens with yellow flags during the treatment phase, in line with its Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) certification standards.

To address this issue, Arctic Fish has sought a drug treatment license from the Icelandic Food Agency.

This proactive step by the company makes clear the level of concern following a series of serious incidents at its salmon farms in the fjords of western Iceland.

Arctic Fish is currently under investigation in Iceland due to the escape of several thousand fish from one of its facilities.

In a recent interview with E24, Mowi CEO Ivan Vindheim apologised for run of incidents, saying the company had yet to reach Mowi standards following the takeover.


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