Mowi-owned Ocean Matters bred 2,000,000 lumpfish in 2019

editorial staff

The salmon farmer acquired North Wales-based lumpfish breeder Ocean Matters in April last year.

In a post on its January newsletter The Scoop, Mowi writes that Ocean Matters has celebrated a milestone – 2,000,000 lumpfish bred, a record which no other UK producer has done.

Commenting, cleanerfish production manager Daniel Phillips said: “This is an incredible milestone and I’m really proud of the team that made it happen, all their hard work and dedication made this possible. The sustainable production of lumpfish plays a significant role in the welfare of our salmon farmed across Scotland. We look forward to another great year in 2020.”

The Ocean Matters hatchery currently produces lumpfish (Cyclopterus lumpus), one of two fish species that have proven to be effective cleanerfish. The company also cultures Ballan wrasse at other facilities.

Mowi bought the facility last year as part of the company’s sea lice control strategy.

Formed in 2015, Ocean Matters is planning on doubling its current lumpfish production capacity from two million to four million.


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