Mowi puts processing plant up for sale

The company is moving its operations to a new facility at Jøsnøya in Hitra.

Salmon farming giant Mowi is seeking buyers for its processing plant and the encompassing 54.5 acres property on Ulvøya, Norway as the company shifts its operations to a new modern facility at Jøsnøya in Hitra.

The sale offer, listed on the Norwegian digital marketplace Finn, comes amidst transitions anchored by Mowi’s strategic expansion and modernization efforts. Norway’s premier real estate broker, Eiendomsmegler 1 Midt-Norge, is facilitating the property’s sale.

Mowi’s Ulvøya plant, nestled at the far end of the island by Knarrlagsundet, has been pivotal in the processing and distribution of salmon across the island region. However, the move to Jøsnøya signifies the company’s commitment to leveraging advanced technologies and infrastructures in enhancing productivity and efficiency.

“The property is now to be sold in connection with the company moving its production to a new harvest facility on Jøsnøya. The property will be available for a new owner from spring 2024,” according to the advertisement.

The fate of the Ulvøya facility has been a subject of speculation, with its sale affirming Mowi’s strategic pivot to bolster its production capacity, quality, and distribution networks, underpinned by the state-of-the-art Jøsnøya factory.


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