Mowi ranked most sustainable protein producer for second year in a row: “Unsurprisingly,” says CEO

editorial staff

Salmon giant tops Coller FAIRR Protein Index again.

In a press release, Mowi has been ranked as the world’s most sustainable protein producer for the second year in a row by the FAIRR Initiative.

Coller FAIRR Protein Producer Index assesses the world’s 60 largest publicly-listed animal protein producers, worth a combined USD 338 billion.

The primary purpose of Coller FAIRR Protein Producer Index “is to enable and support investor decision-making on the protein sector. The Index is also a benchmark to help animal protein companies assess themselves against their peers in the sector and improve their management and reporting of risks”.

Mowi also topped the list last year.

Mowi CEO Ivan Vindheim. Photo: Elisabeth Nodland

“There is no doubt that farming is a climate winner compared to meat production, so it is unsurprising that more salmon farming companies are coming out well in this competition,” Mowi CEO Ivan Vindheim told the news site E24.

He said that believes ESG (environment, corporate social responsibility and corporate governance) will be more important and important going forward.

According to E24, there are seven salmon farmers in the top 20 (Bakkafrost 3rd place, Grieg Seafood 6th place, Lerøy 8th place, Multiexport (15th place), Salmones Camanchaca (18th place) and SalMar (20th place).


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