Mowi, SalMar, Lerøy, Grieg, Bremnes and Ocean Quality sued for alleged price fixing

Norwegian salmon farmers face class action lawsuit in the US.

According to Undercurrent News, the salmon producers have been sued by Ohio-based seafood distributor Euclid Fish Company.

The lawsuit follows the European Commission’s investigation of the same companies in February.

In a letter sent to the mentioned salmon companies, the Norwegian producers have allegedly coordinated sales prices, exchanged commercially sensitive information, agreed to buy products from competitors when these sell at low prices and coordinated a strategy to increase spot prices to achieve higher prices for longterm contracts.

“We are aware of the lawsuit. It is based on The EU Commission’s investigation that started in February, where they are exploring potential anti-competitive behavior in the salmon industry. We are not aware of any anti-competitive behavior, neither in Norway, the EU or the USA. We are fully cooperating with the EU Commission in this case,” Kristina Furnes, head of communication at Grieg Seafood, said to SalmonBusiness.

The lawsuit is filed in a US federal court in Miami, Florida.



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