Mowi Scotland: “Recent months some of the toughest we’ve experienced”

Staff absences caused by Covid create huge pressure in industry.

Over the past three months, British businesses grew at the slowest pace since April 2021, the Confederation of British Industry said on Sunday.

Britain’s economy only recovered to its pre-pandemic size in November, before being hit by the Omicron variant which led to government advice to work from home and restrictions on hospitality in Scotland and Wales.

A Mowi Scotland Spokesperson confirmed to SalmonBusiness the difficulties presented by Omicron and the accompany restrictions designed to prevent its spread: “Not only have significantly more employees tested positive in this wave, but also many more have had to self-isolate as they’ve been identified as ‘close contacts’ through transmission in the community.”

“These absences, combined with the severity of the ongoing labour market shortages in all sectors following Brexit, have made recent months some of the toughest we’ve experienced.”

The spokesperson continued, “As the omicron variant is more transmissible than previous strains of Covid-19, we’ve had to be particularly careful around keeping people safe at work.”

On Thursday, England lifted all Corona virus restrictions, ending its Plan B program. Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland also lifted a number of restrictions.