Mowi Scotland Operations Director to leave company

Gideon Pringle – who came back to Mowi after a five-year spell at DawnFresh as its farming director – is out.

Dr Gideon Pringle is leaving the company, a Mowi spokesperson confirmed to SalmonBusiness on Wednesday.

The Operations Director was called back in 2015 to support Mowi during a spell when it was suffering from high levels of sea-lice.

“A large part of my return for the business was that in 2015 things were not going well. Biology was in a very difficult place so I came back part of a new team and we turned things around,” he said in an interview with SalmonBusiness in April.

“I don’t know if I should use the word “firefighting” but we were coming up with new problems to fight lice,” he added.

In the remarkably frank interview, Pringle also went into the challenges that climate change will bring.

“There are plankton and jellyfish from the Atlantic that we’ve never seen before. We are seeing a lot of new species – which are bringing new viruses we don’t even understand yet. We are seeing new syndromes in the fish from the new planktonic species, it’ll take years before we identify them,” he said at the time.