Mowi secures unanimous approval for new farm in Scotland

Editorial Staff

The new farm will have a production capacity of 2,475 tons of Atlantic salmon.

Scotland’s largest salmon farmer Mowi received unanimous council approval on November 28 for its new salmon farm in Kintyre’s Kilbrannan Sound.

The project, named North Kilbrannan, is set to create 10 permanent jobs and will play a significant role in the revitalization of the Carradale community harbour.

The North Kilbrannan farm, designed with a focus on minimal environmental impact, will feature 12 compact circular cages, each measuring 120 meters, and a 400-tonne feed barge. The farm will have a capacity to hold a maximum of 2,475 tons of Atlantic salmon.

Ben Hadfield, COO of Mowi Scotland, expressed his gratitude for the unanimous support from Argyll and Bute Council. He highlighted the company’s commitment to addressing local concerns and emphasizing the economic and sustainability benefits of the development.

“Over the past five years our teams of marine biologists, oceanographers and data analysts have listened and responded to local concerns raised and highlighted the many economic and sustainability credentials of the development,” said Hadfield. “With this approval we look forward to moving ahead to expand on the local and national benefits our business provides.”

Mowi’s recognition as the world’s most sustainable protein producer for the fifth consecutive year by the Coller FAIRR Protein Producer Index, and the comprehensive Environmental Impact Assessment, were key factors in the council’s approval, according to the company.

The development is expected to generate 10 direct jobs at the site and numerous indirect jobs within Scotland’s aquaculture supply chain, thus supporting both rural and national economies.

In addition to the salmon farm, Mowi has been actively involved in a community-led initiative to rejuvenate Carradale’s iconic harbour. The investment will include the construction of a new shore base, storage facilities, and a pontoon. The company continues to engage with the Carradale community to ensure that the harbour upgrade brings positive social and economic impacts.

An artist’s impression of proposed Carradale Harbour development. Image: Mowi

Ben Hadfield emphasized the dual focus of the project on business growth and community development. He noted that the harbour revitalization aims to improve local amenities and boost community development, drawing on Mowi Scotland’s history of fostering community benefits alongside business expansion.

“As well as improving a vital amenity for locals and helping service growing business interest and community development, we hope the regeneration will help reinvigorate Carradale Harbour as it has experienced throughout its history,” said Hadfield. “Mowi Scotland has a longstanding history of successful development where Mowi has expanded and improved its business, and at the same time ensured lasting and large-scale community benefits. The whole team at Mowi is particularly proud of the Carradale Harbour regeneration and we are humbled and grateful for the support of the Carradale community.”