Mowi will differentiate itself from its competitors and achieve price premium for salmon

Aslak Berge

Developing a product that is different from its competitors.

“We’ve gone back in history. For the company name of the pioneers,” Alf-Helge Aarskog started. “They sold it with their own brand, already in the 1970s. With a green clip on the gills, going for a five kroner price premium.”

Mowi has set an ambitious plan. The company aims to achieve additional sales, based on the brand with the same name as the company, of one billion euros by 2025. During the North Atlantic Seafood Conference in Bergen on Thursday morning, the Mowi boss elaborated how the company was going to do this.

Closer to the end customer
“We want to get closer to the end customer, and understand how he or she thinks,” he said.

In this process, Mowi is taking control of the entire salmon value chain.

“We have our own strain of fish, based on wild salmon, taken from the rivers Årøy and Vosso in the 60s, to produce the best possible fish – for the consumer. An extremely important decision, taken many years ago,” he explained.

The company’s own fish strain receives its own feed.

“We produced 340,000 tonnes of feed, at one factory in Norway, last year. And now we are opening our new factory in Scotland. We have our own feed recipe, with a high proportion of omega-3. We can choose the ingredients ourselves; Whether it is fish oil, insect or algae,” Aarskog continued.

“We have processing plants in 25 countries – with own sales teams. It is crucial to know what customers want. Food safety and traceability are key concerns. Taste, convenience and health. One must be proud when one leads a company with 14,000 employees and scores high on all of these points,” said Aarskog after showing today’s second commercial for Mowi from the stage at the Radisson Blu in Bergen, Norway.

“When it comes down to it; We will produce a product that provides repurchase. How the product feels and tastes is crucial,” he emphasised.

“When I grew up, Mowi was the leading company. They had 12 licenses in Hordaland. Now we have taken it globally. We have built an in-house branding competence that will, in the course of 2019, launch the Mowi concept as it will be for the future,” he concluded.


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