Mowi working 24/7 to break up ice to avoid sea cage damages: “It’s messing up the routine”

editorial staff

Round the clock ice-breaking creates headaches for employees at Mowi’s Kines site in Nordland, Northern Norway.

“It’s messing up the routine. We don’t get time for what we really should do. Beyond that, there have not been any problems,” said operations manager Kai Robert Rubbås to Saltenposten.

Rubbås said that the biggest problem is that ice can get inside the cages, which means that employees can’t get feed to the salmon. It’s not good to go with the boats in the area, he explained. Therefore one has to remove the ice by, among other things, driving boats around to create waves that break the ice into smaller bits.

Rubbas said that there has been a lot of rain over a short time period, followed by an unusually cold period, which means that there has been extra ice in the area.

“We also have to go guard afternoon and night now, so that we fit the ice all the time and have control over the development,” said Rubbås.

Luckily, according to the weather service, milder weather is expected in the area the coming week.


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