Multi X runs afoul of Chilean regulations

Chile’s environment agency has given salmon producer Multi X 15 days to implement measures for the proper disposal of chemicals it used in its hatchery.

During its investigation of Multi X’s Chaparano Pisciculture hatchery in the Los Lagos Region of Chile, environment agency Superintendencia del Medio Ambiente (SMA) confirmed that the salmon producer used formalin and lufenuron and it constructed an unauthorized bypass for the discharge of the chemicals, reported news outlet Mundo Aquicola on Monday July 4.

Both chemicals are used to control salmon diseases in early stages in the fish’s life cycle. The effluents could alter the biodiversity in the Chaparano River bed and the estuary adjacent to the fish farm, SMA noted.

SMA wants Multi X to ensure that the discharge of liquid waste with formaldehyde to not exceed 1 ppm. It also wants the company to permanently monitor the maximum and minimum concentrations of lufenuron diluted in the effluent and prior to its discharge into the Chaparano River. Lastly, it ordered the sealing of the unauthorized bypass duct.

All three measures must be implemented within 15 business days and the company must submit a technical report with all the solutions implemented, the agency ordered. It noted that failure to comply with the provisional measures is a punishable offence.


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