Multiexport CEO Andres Lyon: ‘We don’t need to go to the market just now to raise capital’


Multiexport isn’t aiming for the international stock exchange like its competitor Camanchaca.

“It is an issue that we have looked at, but given that our company currently enjoys a very good financial position, we don’t feel the need to go to the market to raise capital to finance our development activities,” said CEO Andres Lyon to Aqua

This statement came shortly after Multiexport refinanced its debt of USD 100 million. According to Lyon, there was no drama behind the decision to refinance.

“The refinancing of the syndicated loan that our company maintains with several domestic and foreign banks was done because we were less than two years from its term (June 2019) and both parties considered it convenient to extend the term of validity for another three years, structuring its term to the end of 2022.”

Lyon also confirmed the company paid USD 39 million on the credit side in the last year.


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