Multiexport Foods latest salmon farmer to be hit by algae bloom, 120 tonnes of fish lost

editorial staff

Chilean salmon farmer struck by Lepidodinium Chlorophorum microalgae bloom.

Quinchao (west) and Chaitén (east). MAP: Google

It was reported on Tuesday that Salmones Camanchaca expects to take a USD 3.5 million hit from 162,000 salmon lost to algae bloom at two of its sites in Southern Chile.

BioBio Chile reports that that local economic secretariat Francisco Muñoz said that a third incident has struck.

According to the publication, a Multiexport Foods site in Quinchao, Chiloé, has seen 120 tonnes of salmon affected by the microalgae bloom.

In 2016, Chilean salmon farmers lost more than 20 million fish to algae blooms.