Chilean salmon transported during curfew and not controlled by health authorities

Katrina Poulsen

Trucks carrying salmon from MultiExport were not controlled for health issues, as they were transported during the curfew. The decision to not follow protocol was taken to ensure the survival of the salmon. 

On the 19th of May in the early morning hours, six trucks of salmon from MultiExport were transported over the ocean crossing between Chile and Argentina.

While other trucks waited for the curfew to be over in the morning and health inspection to be on guard, the trucks were shipped over without inspection, writes La Prensa Austral.

The captain of the port, Victor Flores Saavedra, clarifies to the newspaper, that he authorised the cargo trucks to pass.

He explains that the trucks were allowed to pass, as the live salmon would not have survived until the morning.

He states that the case was discussed with the zonal director of fisheries and coordinated with the health authorities, that carried out sanitary measures later. He states that salmon is considered critical for the infrastructure, and are therefore considered more important than meeting up to curfews and waiting.

The drivers drive the trucks were not quarantine, as none of the drivers considered themselves having symptoms. This fact has offset many local drivers, as they have had to be in quarantine after crossing borders.

“No one can be above the law. All trucks must be in controlled for health issues,” said the regional president for truck drivers.

“On the other hand, on travel during curfew time, he clarified that it is possible if the corresponding permits are available, “but even if they do, they must undergo health control and if it starts at 8 a.m., those six truckers should have waited until that time,” he stated to La Prensa Austral.


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