Municipality of Queens says no to Kelly Cove Salmon expansion

But that doesn’t prevent proposed Cooke Aquaculture project from going ahead.

The Region of Queens Municipality, N.S, Canada, council voted in favour of a motion to oppose any aquaculture expansion in Liverpool Bay, reports The Chronicle Herald.

Cooke Aquaculture subsidiary Kelly Cove Salmon currently has one finfish aquaculture site in Liverpool Bay, Nova Scotia, Canada, and has applied for two new twenty-cage sea sites and the expansion of an existing site in Liverpool Bay from fourteen to twenty cages – boosting production from 400,000 salmon to 1.8 million per year.

Queen’s council voted 5-3 that the expansion should not go ahead, with a motion that: “The Region of Queens Municipality take a position that finfish aquaculture beyond the operation of the existing finfish aquaculture site near Coffin Island is not acceptable in Liverpool Bay.”

However, the publication notes that descion to greenlight the expansion will be made by Nova Scotia’s three-member aquaculture review board – rendering the motion toothless.

Mayor David Dagley said he expects a decision from the board later this year.

In a speech in March, Cooke Aquaculture CEO Glenn Cooke told local business leaders that: “Our proposed sea site farming expansion in Liverpool Bay is a critical piece to our plans to increase production volume in Atlantic Canada.”

Cermaq, Greig NL as well as Cooke are all planning huge expansions off the NL coast.


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