Napier signs €18 million contract with Mowi. “Tauranga” harvest vessel to be upgraded

editorial staff

Harvest vessel to get EUR 0.1 million upgrade.

The news site Bømlo-Nytt reports that the harvest vessel “Tauranga” is to get a “significant upgrade,” according to Kjetil Tufteland, managing director of the shipping company Napier.

According to Tufteland, all piping systems in the cargo hold aboard the “Tauranga” will be replaced. In addition, three engines will be overhauled, a new cargo pipe system, as well as two new cranes, will be installed.  The control system will be modernised and the load capacity will be increased by 50m3.

The upgrade of “Tauranga” comes in the wake of a new four-year contract with Mowi worth EUR 18 million.

Mowi communication manager Eivind Nævdal-Bolstad confirmed Napiers’ agreement to SalmonBusiness. Nævdal-Bolstad said that “Tauranga” will operate for the company in the Mowi’s Region South in Norway.

In 2008, in cooperation with Mowi, “Tauranga” was extended and rebuilt from a wellboat to become Europe’s first harvest vessel. Since 2009, it has worked for the salmon giant, delivering more than 500,000 tonnes of fish, according to the company’s website.

Work on the vessel starts in January and is expected to be completed by the end of March.


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