Nauplius builds two workboats for Marine Harvest Scotland

Dutch shipbuilder Nauplius Workboats announced the sale of two (landing) utility vessels to Marine Harvest Scotland.

The two vessels, designed by Argos Engineering, are of a complete new concept, says Technical Director Gerrit Knol. “Landing crafts normally have a work deck in front, and the accommodation at the back. As the side of the boat is directed at the pen, this leaves little space to execute the necessary tasks. That’s why we put the accommodation at the side, to create a working deck along the entire ship’s length facing the side of the pen. The size of the ship remains the same, but the available square meters of workspace increases at the place it’s needed and provides space for two cranes.”

Gerrit Knol next to the blueprint of the utility vessel.

Nauplius Workboats has sold several workboats to Marine Harvest Scotland in the past. Knol, an engineer with a hands on background, travels to Scotland regularly. “We designed our landing utility vessel in close consultation with Marine Harvest, based on the needs and requests of the users. It’s a crossover between a regular offshore work vessel like a Multi Cat® and a landing craft.”

With Brexit up and coming, Nauplius Workboats teams up with an Irish shipbuilding company for maintenance of the vessels. “The border between Ireland and the EU will stay open, so this is a functional solution. But if necessary, we step on a plane to bring the spare parts ourselves.”

The two vessels will be delivered to the new owner in June and August 2018.


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