Naviera Orca and Larsnes Mek Verksted sign contract for 79-metre long wellboat

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Construction of a 2,800m3 wellboat will be shipyard Larsnes Mek. Verksted’s build number 68.

The boat is designed by Skipskompetanse in Måløy, Norway, and is a further development of build number 67 “Ro Sailor” for Rostein. The boat will be the ninth in a series of boats developed in cooperation between ship design and engineering business Skipskompetanse, shipyard Larsnes Mek. Verksted, and the wellboat companies Rostein and Naviera Orca.

“This is the type of technology necessary in Chile,” Naviera Orca CEO Ezequias Alliende said in a statement. “The vessel, technology, efficiency and size that are right for our industry at the moment and will become a cornerstone to ensure the well-being of the fish in a cost-optimal way.”

The vessel is arranged for open and closed transport of salmon and smolt, as well as RSW cooling, freshwater production and freshwater treatment, according to the press release.

The boat will have the latest in zero-emission equipment during closed transport with monitoring and water purification. Among other things, it will have a filter system for collecting lice, UV treatment of water in and out of the cargo holds, and automatic washing and disinfection facilities. It can also monitor, regulate and log water quality as well as other important parameters.

Main dimensions:

  • Length 79,27m
  • Width 15,00m
  • Depth 5,60m
  • Cargo bay volume is 2,800m3, which provides a capacity of over 400 tonnes of live salmon.

The hull is being built at Marine Projects in Gdansk, Poland. The boat will be delivered to the shipping company at the end of 2021.


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