Navy frigate collision: Institute of Marine Research testing for toxins at seven salmon farms

editorial staff

Researchers have surveyed the spread of potential emissions and analysed salmon samples from fish farms in the area after yesterday’s frigate collison.

Yesterday, a tanker loaded with oil on its way to the UK collided with the frigate KNM “Helge Ingstad”. The incident happened in the heart of the busiest salmon farming region in Europe and could have spelled disaster for the area.

The Coastal Administration are looking at the wreck and The Institute of Marine Research (HI) is part of the advisory group also looking into any effects on the wider area.

“The spill from this incident looks limited, so far,” said research director for environmental chemistry at HI, Jarle Klungsøyr.

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Early on Thursday, The Institute of Marine Research took samples from seven farms in the area and 140 farmed salmon were delivered to the department for analysis.

“We will investigate whether the salmon has been contaminated by the collision of the damaged vessel. Based on this, we will be able to see if fish have been exposed to contamination, and if the quality has deteriorated,” added Jarle Klungsøyr.


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