Nearly 6 million salmon are moved as toxic algea bloom death toll increases to 5,282 tonnes

1.3 million fish harvested early in Chile.

Sernapesca reports that to date, 5,282 tonnes of mortality has been confirmed in Los Lagos and Aysén region, Southern Chile, equivalent to 3.4 per-cent of the total biomass in the affected areas.

Over the past few weeks, the area has been hit by deadly toxic algae bloom, with increases in deaths reported almost daily.

Sernapesca also authorised the transfer of live fish from affected sites to algea-free areas. In the Los Lagos region, 5,894,707 fish have been transferred and 348,750 fish have been transferred in the Aysén region. In addition, authorities authorised the harvest of 1.3 million fish.

Salmones Camanchaca vice president Ricardo García, whose company had lost 1.3 million fish to the event (a USD 4.4 million hit), told SalmonBusiness that: “Algaes have declined and so the bloom”.


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