NESI buys neighbouring site with view to doubling footprint: “It is a long term vote for Grimsby.”

editorial staff

New England Seafood International (NESI) has bought up the site neighbouring its Grimsby plant to safeguard future growth.

For the short term, the site, occupied by bird food and bait producer, Haith’s has been immediately leased back to the occupier.

According to BusinessLive, CEO Dan Aherne commented, “This secures the whole square for our future development. When we acquired Albert Darnell in 2016 we bought the land at the back of us. This is a long term play that will enable us to continue to grow and invest in Grimsby.”

“We won’t take possession for some time, Haith’s is still operating out of it, we have a landlord and tenant relationship now.”

The eventual addition will double existing factory space without putting a spade in the ground, though proximity could make linking them an attractive proposition.

“Now we have the land in the bank, we can demonstrate our success and in 10 or 20 years know we have the space for what we are doing. It is a long term vote for Grimsby.”

NESI processes tuna, salmon, cod, haddock, seabass, and seabream at two facilities, one in London and one in Grimsby, where it employs 200 people. The company was bought by Alaskan organisation Sealaska in November last year.



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