Net-cleaning robot manufacturer raises $8 million in funding round

Editorial Staff

Company claims its robots are able to maintain net cleanliness without the use of chemicals or other harmful processes.

Aquaculture technology supplier Aqua Robotics has announced the successful acquisition of NOK 85 million ($8.1 million) in a funding round.

The investment was spearheaded by the Kristiansand-based investor Skeie Technology and the Stavanger-based Nysnø Climate Investments, along with continued support from existing shareholders, according to a release from the company on Monday.

Started by the Molaug family in 2016, founders of the company now known as AKVA Group, Aqua Robotics focuses on automating the cleaning of fish nets through the autonomous HALO robot, continuously cleans nets without resorting to the use of chemicals or high-pressure spraying.

Håkon André Berg, the former CEO of Salmon Evolution and the current CEO of Skeie Technology, praised Aqua Robotics’ innovative solutions aimed at addressing some of the most pressing issues in the aquaculture industry.

“Aqua Robotics stands out as a company poised to contribute substantially to the sector. Their technology plays a crucial role in enhancing fish welfare and, by extension, supports the sustainable growth of aquaculture, a critical element of the global food supply chain for a burgeoning population,” said Berg.

Skeie Technology is part of the Skeie Group, an investor with a focus on companies within ocean-based industries. The firm typically invests in businesses that have already demonstrated significant commercial potential but that require capital to realize its growth goals.

Aqua Robotics is currently experiencing significant market interest and has a large order backlog for robots that will be put into operation shortly.


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